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The name Mialika, comes from the Zulu word Alika, which means tiny land, and is a tribute to South Africa where my family has been living for generations. In South Africa, on the outskirts of Pretoria, my family built our crocodile farm. The farm was started in 1988 with crocodiles originating from the Ocovango Swamps (Botswana). It has been expanding ever since and currently produces approximately 6000 crocodylus niloticus. Breeding stock are kept in outdoor ponds, closely simulating their environment and allowing the crocodiles to follow their natural hibernation and reproductive patterns.

Bearing in mind the long experience of my family who have been producing luxury crocodile accessories for years, I designed Mialika, dedicated to a metropolitan woman. I think of the Mialika woman as a forward thinking and dynamic person. A selfconfident woman who refuses clichés. She is determined and very feminine but eccentric enough to attempt a touch of rock. She loves whispered beauty and all refined things. She likes to anticipate fashion trends because she is unique. Inspiration comes from Africa. The flavours, the colours, the pride of the African people. The artists who choose and love this Land, and who have been able to read the infinity of its shades and the richness of its contrasts. My challenge is to maintain this purity in every Mialika creation, the meeting between Africa and the West, between fashion and art. Trying never to forget the African beat of my heart.

The ancestral experience of Tuscan craftmen turns our precious crocodile skins into the exclusive and unique Mialika bags. Made of 100% Crocodylus Niloticus, each Mialika bag is one of a kind and completely hand made in Italy. The crocodile leather is tanned using traditional methods to accentuate its natural properties and appearance. Shading and colour irregolarities are to be considered natural features of the leather. The unique texture and natural patterning of the skins give these pursuse a particularly exotic look. Interior and exterior finishes are custom made for Mialika by experienced Italian craftsmen.

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